convert WMV to HTC Evo 4GThe huge screen and heavy processing power make the Evo a great choice for multimedia applications. So you're the proud new owner of the HTC EVO 4G and you want to get to know how to play WMV files on HTC Evo 4G.

Look at this question "When I receive an email that has a WMV attachment, I can open the file but only hear the audio, no video. Is there a program that can play WMV files on the Evo?" which from evo4gformu.

HTC Evo 4G is the top smartphone, and people like its powerful function. They use it as a portable device so that they can play videos on HTC Evo 4G. But when you have a bunches WMV video and want to import and play them on HTC Evo 4G, you may be in a confused that how to import/convert WMV video to HTC Evo 4G for playing?

I will figure out a simple and effective way to play WMV video on HTC EVO 4G. As we know HTC Evo 4G recognized video format is .mp4. So the first step is convert the WMV video format. WMV to HTC Evo 4G video Converter is your best assistant to transfer WMV, WMV HD video to HTC Evo 4G in high speed and just several clicks.

Video Converter for WMV to HTC Evo 4G not only convert WMV video to HTC EVO 4G but also WMV files. With WMV video Converter for HTC Evo 4G you can import WMV files to HTC Evo 4G. After conversion, you can play WMV, WMV HD video on HTC Evo 4G at anywhere and anytime just you want.

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How to convert WMV to HTC EVO 4G and play WMV on HTC EVO 4G?

  • Step 1: Load video files to WMV to HTC EVO 4G Converter

    Free download, install and run WMV to HTC EVO 4G Converter, then click "Add" button to import your WMV files into WMV to HTC EVO 4G Converter.

    convert WMV to HTC Evo 4G
  • Step 2: Select output format parameters: HTC Evo 4G(MPEG-4)

    In the drop-down list next to "format", select output format that you need, here we set "HTC Supersonic Evo 4G MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4)".
  • Tip:

    HTC Phone supports very limited videos formats say 3GP, MP4, WMV files. As I tested, MP4 file would be the best video formats for HTC compared to 3GP, WMV with better video quality. HTC Touch HD plays 480 x 800 pixels, h.264, 24fps, 1.2 mbps files smoothly.

    convert WMV to HTC Evo 4G
  • Step 3: Start convert video files

    After all the necessary setting, click "Convert" button to start converting automatically.
  • Step 4: Import WMV to HTC EVO 4G

    Connect your HTC EVO 4G and your computer, transfer your WMV to HTC EVO 4G

    convert WMV to HTC Evo 4G

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